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Calm Advertising – Position Paper

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After a fruitful discussion at the Pervasive Advertising Workshop on May this year, I hope to continue the diaologue on Calm Advertising next Friday at the Informatik 2009 conference.

As I wrote earlier about the first Workshop on Pervasive Advertising:

“The workshop topic inspired us to develop a concept of “Calm Advertising” that refers to the vision of “Calm Computing” and focuses on a new way of public advertising that doesn`t aim to shout out lout messages to get peoples attention but enable passers-by to freely engage in the communication with advertising companies.”


Figure 1: Influence of Attention and Engagement [according to 4]

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Book presentation / Buchpräsentation

In the following weeks I will present the contents of my books “Interactive Displays in Public Space” at the following two events in Germany and Switzerland.

Please, let me know any questions, special interests etc. in advance.

Evaluating Interaction with Display Applications in Public Space

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As published ealier in this blog, interactive display analysis has already yielded data related to the public use of and interaction with displays. In order to develop a “Framework for Evaluating Interaction with Multi-Display Applications in Public Space”, I expanded the previous post.

Initial investigations of public interactions with large-scale displays can provide valuable insights into the process of usage and interaction. As a starting point Brignull and Rogers divide this process in their “two-thresholds framework” into peripheral, focused activities, and direct interaction (1). In a similar approach, Vogel and Balakrishnan’s “four-phase framework” differentiates between ambient display, implicit, subtle, and direct interaction (3). Last but not least, Streitz et al.’s “three-phase framework” focuses on the areas in which interaction takes place rather than the interaction process itself. (2).

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