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Magical Mirrors 2.0

Yesterday, I visited the Looking Glas installation at a Telekom shop in Berlin that Jörg Müller and his team startet in September this year. Three interactive storefront displays invite passers-by to play virtual soccer. The installation was partly inspired by our Magical Mirrors installation from 2006.



Today, the response time to the movement of the user was slowed down. Due to the delay the relation between movements and the effect on displays could not easily be recognized.


Last Friday, only the effect Luminary was working normally. The video input that was taken in front of the Luminary display was transfered to all other screens. People seemed to be somewhat confused by this set-up but started playing with it after they recognizing that that others could see their mirror image all over the façade.

Complexity II – Luminary on all screens

During last Sunday’s observation Luminary was playing on all four screens.

Numbers III

To complete the experimental part of this research project a second set of experiments is scheduled for the end of November. The first of these set-ups was tested today (See the video).

After completing the last experiments the additional survey starts in December.

Numbers II

See today´s set-up in the following video. Only one screen was switched on. It might seem obvious that less people are using the installation when there are less screens. The observation also revealed a different usage behavior once people started using the installation. More details will be published in the final documentation.

Complexity I – Progression on all screens

Thanks to a warm November this year, conditions are steady and many people are using the installation. During yesterday´s experiment the behavior of almost 400 passers-by could be observed. The total number of observed individuals now exceeds 2000. In order to analyze the use of the different overlays the effect Progression was played on all screens on the façade. On the picture you can see the two screens in the middle.

A short video of people using this set-up can be seen here.

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