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Vorankündigung / Coming Soon

My dissertation will be published shortly. The title will be “Interaktive Großbildschirme im öffentlichen Raum” (english: “Interactive Displays in Public Space”) Finally!

Unfortunately it will be available in German, only. But – papers in English are on the way (e.g. we will submit some results to the 1st Workshop on Pervasive Advertising at Pervasive 2009).

You can stay updated at Gabler’s official website but of course, I will also announce the publication date here ;)


Building Blocks For Motivating Human-Computer-Interaction

Interactive large format displays have presently found their way into many places in public space. After a long phase of experimenting with prototypes only recently have technically mature applications been observed that are used in an increasing number of potential areas.

The entry of interactive applications into public space appears to be part of a greater tendency: computer usage in many areas of public and private daily life has remained constant and has been for a long time now no longer restricted to mere task fulfillment at the workplace. Task oriented theories simply include statements regarding the “how” of an activity but not the “why”, and leave therefore questions concerning underlying motivations unanswered. [cp. a.o. Ferscha, A. et al. (2007), Fleisch, E., Mattern, F. (2005), Weiser, M. (1991)]

In spite of its increasing significance in human-computer interaction, motivation has been up until now only an isolated object for investigation. Based on prior research projects, Adams and Russel have identified nine central factors that influence interaction with computers. Just like their comparing of individual factors and their prior research becomes clear with the help of prototypal applications, there currently exists a significant need for advancement in investigating the areas of emotion and motivation. [ cp. Adams, R., Russel, C. (2007)]

Against this background the following article presents the intrinsically motivating factors that were identified in the context of a motivation theory analysis and that served as the orientation point for my empirical investigation of interaction in public space.

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